Isuzu’s 1993 Trooper

I was looking through blogs site’s last night, at bad product design. And came across a picture of the 1993 Isuzu’s Trooper jeep, with came under bad design. At first i read how engineers didn’t seem to think the design through. That when the back door of the jeep opened the door locked in place and wouldn’t close . And with it came clear instructions on the door of how to close it; no top award there! but as i was reading on about how this women couldn’t get the door closed after she did her shopping and the acrobatics she had to go through, not to mention the health and safety an well being to the user .

I thought to myself that the engineers came up with a good idea , because (A) the jeep is for industrial and farming jobs, and (B) not for shopping? and the locking system is there to help when taking heavy work/ farming supplys out of the back so that the heavy door doesn’t hit the worker,

But apparently the shoppers out there don’t like, how could Isuzu’s be so inconsiderate.



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