Could this be the design of the future?

The Electrolux design lad 2010 finalist, for the Bio robot refrigerator was design by unrig Dmitriev. The beloved refrigerator has had some, but not many chances in its appearance since it came onto the market in 1927. But Russian designer Dmitriew, design for the future has made us look at, the old refrigerator in a new way. Is it somewhat out there to think that food can be stored in a gel? Will it cause cross contamination of food? Can containers be left opened inside? Or! While putting on his hair gel one day thought! I know I’ll design a gel refrigerator. What ever his thoughts the idea is still cool. The inside of the refrigerator is filled with a bispolymer gel that you place food into. It can be free standing or wall mountable; you can even put it on the ceiling if you wish. The temperature of the refrigerator is controlled by bio robots in the gel using luminescence light, which cause the cooling agent to work.  All sounds good! But where’s the storage! And what’s keeping the gel in, if there’s no door.



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